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Cooper and his little pal Zippity, glazed ceramic with fiber, glass, and stuffed toy accessories, 17" H x 11" L x 12" W
The fixed stare, the little tongue sticking out, even sometimes a dollop of drool - that's how Cooper responds to brightly colored things. He's no specialist: he loves jockey silks, Formula 1 cars, and HGTV decorating shows. He collects random things that reflect his passion, particularly purple items. Give him a modest budget and you'll have your place looking like a bordello in no time. $350.
Petey - ceramic and fused glass, glazed. 23" H x 21" L x 9" W
Petey has always felt that his fancy hairdo should entitle him to special considerations, like being placed within eyeshot of a large screen TV. His rounded, even corpulent, physique should never be the subject of conversation within his hearing, unless the talk is complimentary. Petey has had the benefit of advanced schooling and can participate in long discussions about British humor on TV. $400 - adopted.

Efraim - ceramic, fabric, and fused glass; acrylic paint. 33" H x 27" L x 11" W
Efraim is one of a very social tribe of monsters. Removed from his family by a tragic incident, he was eventually captured and imprisoned in the Monster Pound. Although rescued and taken into a caring home, he is now easily frightened and is anxious about change and new faces. He bristles when alarmed (and so is in an almost permanent state of "bristle"), but is entirely toothless and harmless. He warms up to touches and pats and effusive compliments. $500 - adopted.

Theodore - ceramic, acrylic paint. 15" H x 16" L x 8" W
Theodore grew up in a poor family of Creatures and was the runt of the litter. This is never a good situation, especially in drunken social gatherings. Finally living in a Starbucks dumpster, Theodore was taken into a caring home but still bears the psychic scars of his traumatic youth. He loves eye contact and having his nose rubbed, as well as being admired in general. $250 - adopted.

Vernon - ceramic, glazed. 12" H x 12" L x 8" W
Vernon is somewhat older and very wise. He is an excellent listener, and is well known for his ability to keep a solemn, dignified expression even when presented with outrageous or ridiculous words or deeds. At most, he will appear a little slack-jawed. He enjoys living with people who test his ability to keep a straight face. $270 - adopted.

Geoffrey - ceramic, glazed. 11" H x 11" L x 11" W
When Geoffrey looks at you like this, he is begging you not to make him sleep in the garage. Geoffrey is an incurable cookie thief -- he cannot resist Double-Stuf Oreos in particular -- and the last family he lived with would punish him and also hurt his feelings by sticking him in their garage. He is too short to reach doorknobs but no cellophane package is safe around him, as his figure attests. He needs to live with a family that appreciates his sensitive nature but who will not crumble when he tries to wheedle sweets. $300 - adopted.

Malcolm - ceramic, glazed. 10" H x 12" L x 9" W
Malcolm is a thoughtful creature of a gentle nature. While growing up he was teased unmercifully for his big head, which he did not grow into despite his mother's assurances. He has great sympathy for other creatures' suffering and is a true friend to those who need support but not pity. Tell him about your day and he will listen closely without burdening you with annoying advice. $250.

Benjamin - ceramic, glazed. 13" H x 15" L x 7" W
Benjamin loves the seashore. However, on a recent trip to the ocean with his parents, he became fixated on a gooey mass of beached jellyfish, failing to notice his family packing up and leaving without him. Benjamin was shaken to the core, certain that he was deliberately abandoned. To this day, he is uncertain and tentative about his relationships, but is anxious to find a loving home, preferably with people who don't go on many car trips. $295 - back from exhibit at big, scary, art show. Adopted.
Seth - ceramic, acrylic paint. 19" H x 17" L x 8" W
Seth is not good at keeping appointments because he can't tell time very well. This shortcoming led to his missing his train to St. Augustine, and because he wasn't that good at handling money either he was left, alone, at the station, with few options. Fortunately, a kindly ostrich gave him a lift to Deland, where he found an art gallery that seemed to have an open, welcoming attitude to rare creatures. Seth loves to travel and would like a family who will take him places and let him have the window seat. $250 - adopted.
Jasper - ceramic, acrylic paint.
Jasper is a prankster with a heart of gold. He particularly likes playing in the clean laundry, and getting into the underwear drawers of your dresser. He will pilfer clothing items that you will later find on doorknobs and stuffed between the cushions of your sofa. When Jasper has been loose in the house, it is critical that you give your house a quick inspection before inviting company over. Jasper will sometimes offer to make up to you by doing the wash: don't even consider it. $250 - adopted.

Vladimir - ceramic, acrylic paint, paper decoupage. 12" H x 14" L x 11" W
Don't go to Vladimir for any tough decisions: he wilts under pressure. Because of his distant kinship to a high-level political figure in a cold country far away, he often feels the need to be dignified and aloof, but he is actually very social and has a good sense of humor. He is willing to take on political functions that do not involve actual leadership, perhaps at the county level. $250 - adopted.

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