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Gregory - ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 15" H x 7" L x 12" W
Give Gregory a "high four" and you'll make his day. His dour expression hides a heart of gold and a warm, open nature. He currently works as a booth greeter at trade shows. Gregory loves nothing more than to be held in a person's lap or to sit near someone on something soft and upholstered while they read or watch TV. $350.

Sammy - ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 12" H x 14" L x 12" W
Sammy has been spoiled, and with his puppy-dog charm, is there any surprise? However, his cheerful adventurous ways have made him wander hopelessly away from home, and he is looking to start over with a new family. In spite of his un-puppy-like color and extra tails, he has lived for some time in an animal shelter and studied up on the little tricks that dogs and cats use to get themselves adopted. Be careful of Sammy's wiles - he'll be angling for ice cream, sleeping on your pillow, and other luxuries. $350 - adopted by a pet store.

Bosco- ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 11" H x 16" L x 11" W
Bosco is not his real name, but he won't tell you what name he was born with. Must have been ghastly. Bosco is lively and engaging, and will always be the first to run to the door when the doorbell rings. Sometimes, his massive beak will trip him up and he'll go "flying" head over heels: just don't laugh or he'll really thump you. Bosco loves pizza and other greasy delivery items, which, upon reflection, may help explain his enthusiasm for the front door. $395 - adopted.

Maxwell- ceramic, glazed. 12" H x 12" L x 13" W
Maxwell's two favorite subjects in school are bugs and soccer. Only soccer presented a problem: finding shoes that fit. Coach insisted on shoes. So Maxwell's Mom tried and tried, but Maxwell suffered through chafing, claw-holes, and other maladies. Maxwell often slipped his shoes off mid-game, but the outcome was usually one popped-ball penalty after another. Last week, the ball was impaled in the wrong way and Maxwell now needs some medical intervention. His mother is trying to find a replacement sport that does not depend on actual mobility…maybe video games, or dessert chef. Commission - adopted by a foot doctor.

Nigel - ceramic, acrylic paint, fused glass. 15" H x 12" L x 9" W
Nigel has some very bad eating habits. During most of the year he feels compelled to indulge in Frito Pies and other Sonic Drive-In menu items. Christmas creates a special hazard, with the bulk tins of cookies and food baskets everywhere. Nigel's favorite holiday treat is the green candied fruit in holiday fruit cakes. He'll pick them out by the hundreds if you let him. As a matter of fact, he looks like he just polished a bunch of them off. $350 - adopted.

Sylvester - ceramic, glazed. 9" H x 17" L x 9" W
Sylvester smiles like this when he has done something he knows is forbidden. Been away for a few days? If you see that grin, start checking the usual projects: overturned wastebaskets, milk warming on counters, spills left to dry, and the TV turned to a Pay Per View channel. Nothing really dastardly, but Sylvester can be a challenge to follow up on. Find him a creative outlet that is a bit messy - like scrapbooking or financial management - to channel his energies. $300 - adopted.

Wallace - ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 11" H x 14" L x 12" W
Wallace comes from a distant tropical island. He moved north recently during a hiring blitz at Walt Disney World, interviewing for a costumed character but landing instead a job as merchandise arranger at a gift shop. Unfortunately, he took liberties with that position, diving into neat piles of T-shirts, poking unsuspecting customer ankles with his spikes, and always acting both baffled and innocent when confronted. Wallace would be a great fit for a family suffering the "empty nest" syndrome needing a lower-wattage version of the muddy footprints, clothes on the floor, and unknown thumping noises typical of a growing family. $395 - adopted.

Toby - ceramic, glazed, glass beads. 12" H x 14" L x 13" W
Toby's Mom dated a space alien for awhile, who then got involved in some sort of intergalactic tax audit and just disappeared one day. Toby never got to meet his dad but has always wondered: did his dad also have little sparkly things hanging off his ears? Toby also has some strange fixations that might be genetic, such as eating Christmas tree ornaments and having lively conversations with telemarketers for hours on end. Toby is sweet, albeit a bit odd, and adopting him will keep life interesting for light years to come. $395 - adopted.

Laurence - ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 14" H x 15" L x 12" W
Laurence's tusks are just now beginning to grow in. As you might expect, he is starting to try them out. The findings so far are: couch cushions, kinda chewy but dry. Waterbeds: tough and packed with a big surprise. Cats: an initially satisfying gnaw but they get crabby quickly. Blueberry bagels: all good. He is currently considering various pieces of furniture and home electronics: NOW is the time to stop him. In all other matters he is an easygoing, considerate creature, but he needs and craves guidance, and maybe some squeaky chewy toys. And surveillance. $200 - adopted.
Laurence has wrangled a post in the front hallway. We can only hope he handles this responsibly.

Snooty - ceramic, glazed, fused glass. 14" H x 10" L x 8" W (tail is extra)
Snooty, when younger, made a career out of hiding in closets to scare children and grabbing ankles from under beds. Stuff like that. He tried to terrorize the entire Magazine family until, one day, his mom caught him. He was hauled off to a military school, and is now on lifetime parole to the Department of Vermin Malfeasances (part of Homeland Security). Yes, he now is a bit better behaved, but deep down, who knows? Be careful. Commission.

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